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Full Service Ready
Move-In Ready, from war room design and hotel planning, to furniture and equipment, you can walk in, sit down and work. Equipment only rentals to full installs, all options available.

War Rooms & Office Space

Need war room space?  Let us help by providing one of our permanent spaces, or search for your perfect short-term home.  We offer rentals on buildings, offices and setups, as well as hotel conversions of any size.

Technology Rental
Any and every venue.  Any equipment needed, from small teams to full-scale offices, we can provide the technology to ensure nothing falls through the cracks.  We offer a full line of rental equipment, delivered to anywhere in the country.

Private Networks
We will work with the hotel in procuring dedicated bandwidth to enhance your war room work environment. Connect can build a private secure network with file sharing, group printing, and onsite troubleshooting.  

Witness Kits & Staffing
Staffing issues keeping you from having help with witness kits? Connect can provide onsite assistance and even an exclusive copy shop, just for your team, during the busiest times of trial, with help right at your fingertips.   

Presentation/Hot Seat
Connect offers our Wilmington teams presentation support, both on the courtroom side as well as trial preparation and war room support with graphics, exhibit management and everything in between.     

Onsite Logistics
Too many things to worry about at the last minute? Connect can plan and oversee onsite logistics, including catering, store runs, witness transportation and much more, giving you time to stay focused
on the case.